Toilet-Playing Game Consoles in Japan

I went to Odaiba for a BBQ with friends during the weekend in this nice BBQ spot at a rooftop next to Aqua City.

If you use the urinals in that building you will notice that there is a screen on top of the urinal. The urinals are equipped with a bull's eye in the urinal and a panel on top of them for displaying a game being played by you while urinating.This is an ingenious way of keeping the urinals/toilets clean and making some money with advertisement, while the client has some fun.

Urinal Game display and Bull eye

In order for you to play and get stats (how many ml of your precious golden liquid is being released), you have to target the bull's eye in the urinal. When successfully hitting the bull's eye, your character in the game will attack the opponent, Street Fighter style, albeit with jets of liquid.

Urinal Game Display

Depending on the toilet you use there are different versions of the game. Have a look at the video below for the game displaying stats.